The Island

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There are many delightful places on the island.
This island Unesco biosphere of Lanzarote is truly blessed with sunshine skies, surrounded by blue sea gently kissing her golden sandy beaches plus many other of natures gifts. The Timanfaya National Park , were volcanoes from by gone years created an amazing array of colors that nature has blended together to paint a unique landscape useing earth wind and fire. Many of the fertile valleys in the north of the Island have not only sustained the local inhabitants for centuries but continue to provide an abundance of organically grown fruit and vegetables to the islands fine restaurants. Another short drive (15 kilometer) will take you into the centrally located vineyards of Masdashe were fine wine is produced by master growers, I’m pleased to say, much is for local consumption and a plentiful amount for the export market. As you venture as little as a kilometer from Puerto Del Carmen, open you eyes, and take in the wealth of different flora and fauna bestowed on these “The Fortunate Islands” A name given by seafarers years gone by.

Lanzarote is one of the most fortunate, a holiday destination with differences to enjoy, a place were you can unwind and recharge your energy cells, feel the power of nature for a day as you go on your merry way. Good value island tours by luxury coach or excusive low price car hire from Anton Car Rental can be arranged with Tamsin and Manon at the reception.
Here is a selection from the attractions of Cesar Manrique